Business SIP Trunks: Can They Help Your Company?

If you are looking for an affordable, flexible way for connecting your PBX to the PSTN, you will find that SIP, or session initiation protocol, is your best bet. There are numerous studies now showing that roughly 50% of businesses in the US will have exchange lines that are SIP-based by 2015. While it may seem like this type of technology is becoming more vital as it begins trending for call center solutions for businesses everywhere, it is best if you understand all that is involved with using an SIP trunk, what it can mean for your business and how it works.

The SIP trunking is made for converging both data and voice by way of a singular broadband connection. Instead of having to move over the traditional phone lines, these calls are using the IP network and being sent over a broadband connection into the internet via the PSTN. For the SIP trunking to be used at your business, you have ti install the SIP trunk at the same location where you PBX is.

The SIP trunk is going to increase savings for you in multiple ways. You will find that the average cost of an SIP trunk will be between $20 to $30 for both inbound and local calls, along with the long distance rates for less than 2 cents on each call. The SIP trunk can also bundle all of the local and long distance calls together for you at a simple monthly rate while also eliminating the need for buying TDM interfaces and PSTN gateways.

If you are a company that has multiple locations, you will find that the SIP trunking will work best for you. The is software that supports every location together and it requires much less in the way of provision over traditional lines. With traditional telephony, you have to buy a bundle of at least 23 lines. If you have several locations and every office needs to have 10 lines, then you can end up having six lines unused. When you go with SIP trunking, the business will only have to provision out 40 SIP trunks and not have to spate PRIs for every location. Seeing how you are using all of the lines, you do not need to buy a full bundle. The cost for your technology is going to decrease. In addition to that, you are going to get amazing quality. Although there are other hosted options like Cloud PBX available with great feature sets that include call voice recording, take a look at the chart below to find the right solutions that suits your business communication needs.

Overall, the advantages for SIP trunking will include saving you money, remaining flexible, saving time and a whole lot of stress. You can easily add capacity and have the entire optimization and planning process fully streamlined.

Benefits of SIP Trunking – Video